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Introduction to Foraging: Testimonials

Great day, very interesting and instructors very knowledgeable and helpful. Learnt lots and would highly recommend.

Amanda Hamer

Introduction to Foraging: Services

Introduction to Foraging

Cost £45 Inclusive of VAT


Outline of the Day

We will meet at the chosen venue at 10am and head out for a walk until around 3pm. Please wear appropriate clothes to be out in all day. We recommend you bring lunch and a warm drink with you.


Course Content

This course will introduce you to foraging, the time of year will shape what we see but you will learn about the common plants, amazing flavours, what is edible and what other uses they have. The course will also help you with identification of plants. This course is ideal to support people wanting to increase their knowledge for Lowland Leader courses or just for people who want to enjoy the environment more as they explore.


Dates and Venues

Dates                         Venue

20th April 2024.         Cheshire

5th June.                    Lancashire

12th October.            Cheshire

30th October             Lancashire

16th November.         Cheshire 

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